Proposals solicited for the Seminar: "Complex Chronos. The Place and Pace of Time in Eighteenth-century Writing."

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Prof. Francesca Saggini (Universita' della Tuscia / University of Glasgow)
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Call For Papers

Proposal are solicited for the Seminar: "Complex Chronos. The Place and Pace of Time in Eighteenth-century Writing." XIII International Congress for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS). July 25-29 Graz (AUSTRIA)

In a famous Pride and Prejudice quip, the Austen narrator ironically remarks, "Yet time and her aunt moved slowly." The trope highlights an important dimension of Time as an actor of human life and of writing. As a major presence –performed, evoked, experienced, displaced, counted and recounted– Time accompanies the forms and phases of both composition and consumption -now stealthily, now with (intentionally) heavy steps. After all, as the arch-chrononaut Tristram Shandy knows only too well, Time is Writing (and the other way round). The seminar will be addressing from three contiguous approaches some of the ways in which chronos literally, figuratively and stylistically shapes eighteenth-century writing: the time of the discourse; time-based writings; the times of reading and writing.

Suggested topics of discussion may include, but are by no means limited to, the following:
i. Time travels: flashbacks, digressions, slow-motions, black holes, rewindings and intradiscoursive retellings; the figures of repetition; metadiscoursive signals.
ii. Time-, date- and calendar-based writings (and paintings): installments and series; historical registers, magazines, newspapers, and similar periodical publications; real and fictionalized diaries, journals and other chronologically-organized narratives; season and seasonal writings.
iii. With time (and pen) in hand: the time(s) of writing and reading.

Proposals for Papers must be sent to the congress office from October 2010 to January 31 2011. Proposals are welcome in English; proposals in French will be considered. Please, cc my address in all correspondence with the Congress Office.

The preliminary programme will be online on October 1, 2010. The Conference site may be accessed at