[Update] Essays on Carson's Silent Spring (collection, abstracts 8/31/2010)

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James B. Kelley

Essays are sought for a book-length collection on Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, which will turn 50 in 2012. The general focus of the book is revisit, reassess, and look for continued relevance in that highly influential work. The publisher is secured, and the volume is planned to appear in 2012.

A number of very solid proposals for essays have already been received. The deadline is being extended for people interested in contributing who did not receive the following list of topics in time to respond to announcements. All interested persons are encouraged to submit a proposal, whether they are active, for example, in literary or cultural studies, the natural sciences, activism, or conservation and preservation. Both new and established scholars will be included.

Possible topics (purposefully general at this point) for individual essays include:

Apocalyptic visions
Ecocriticism or ecofeminism (relation to, position within, etc.)
Environmental awareness or activism (relation to, position within, etc.)
Global reach (or limits thereof)
Personal readings, experiences, recollections
Popular science
Predecessors and/or successors
Reception within a specific population
Relevance today
Rhetoric, argument, persuasive techniques
Scientific and literary writing
Teaching strategies and experiences

Whatever topic you wish to propose, please consider that topic thoroughly and present a specific, developed, insightful, and fresh approach. Essays in the volume should be written for an educated, general audience.

Send your detailed essay proposal (c. 500-800 words), full contact information, title and affiliation (if any), and brief bio (c. 10-50 words) to the editor by email (jkelley@meridian.msstate.edu) by August 31, 2010. (Please send all of the information in a single attachment OR put all of the information in the body of the email itself.) Authors with accepted essay topics will be asked to send a completed draft (c. 6,000 words) to the editor by email by January 31, 2011. Authors will have ample opportunity to revise their work. (Due to copyright restictons, for example, authors will need to quote sparingly from Silent Spring. Authors will need to get as much mileage as possible out of each quotation in their final essay.)

Please send your proposal and other information to the volume editor:

James Kelley