Kalamazoo (5/12-5/15) Teaching Roundtable: Luring Students Through Neomedievalism

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Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization (MEMO)
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Teaching Round Table: Luring Students through NeoMedievalism: As Gertrude Stein noted, "[w]hat history teaches is, history teaches." Films, digital games and even television are increasingly a template for ideas, fears, facts, and fantasies about the Middle Ages, for better and for worse. How is recent neomedievalist media both more of a challenge and more of an inspiration to medieval studies? This round table invites explorations on how this media might be used to investigate medieval literature and constructions of the medieval past. Both general approaches and specific pedagogical strategies welcome. Please send 250-500 word abstracts to Lauryn Mayer at lmayer@washjeff.edu. Deadline: September 10.