Teaching Sustainability: Multidisciplinary Perspectives and Approaches, June 21-26, 2011

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2011 ASLE Biennial Conference, Bloomington, IN

In 2009, The American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment published the "Climate Neutral Campus Report" outlining the role of higher education in addressing "the greatest intellectual, moral, and social challenge human civilization has ever faced" (6), the challenge of fostering a healthy, just, and sustainable society. While an increasing number of US Colleges and Universities are making environmentally sustainable practices a focus of campus operations, educating for sustainability is yet to become a curricular focus across all degrees and disciplines, the necessary foundation for a significant paradigm shift that some call the "sustainability revolution."

I am seeking proposals on specific approaches to integrating sustainability education into the curriculum: for example, as part of the graduation requirement; through the creation of new courses in a wide range of disciplines or that are interdisciplinary (all disciplines welcome); by re-designing courses so as to incorporate an educational experience aligned with the principles of sustainability; by creating interdisciplinary programs on sustainability.

Depending on the level of response, multiple panels or formats (traditional session, roundtable, or paper jam) will be considered. Please send a 600 word proposal by October 1 to Paula.Willoquet@Marist.edu. Please include contact information and bio.