CFP: War Cinema

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Jura Gentium Cinema

War Cinema

We are looking for contributions to a special issue, "War Cinema," of Jura Gentium Cinema, an online journal
that deals with film, globalization, and issues of social justice. This issue will deal with war cinema and
address question such as the following: how does cinema move between the national and the global
in imagining, reflecting, fictionalizing, or inventing life during wartime? How does film confront, evade
or displace issues of war and wartime? How can we think about both film and war in a global context?
What categories of social cohesion or contestation have emerged from the way cinema has staged

We are looking for essays that focus on a single film within the framework of the issues sketched out
above. Abstracts (approximately 200 words) are due on September 30. Final papers (approximately
3,000 words) are due on November 30. Please be sure to accompany all submissions with a brief
autobiographical statement.


Michael du Plessis (Comparative Literature, University of Southern California) at: