CFP: Politics and Cinema of Turkey: 1990- 2010

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Jura Gentium Cinema
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Special Dossier for Jura Gentium Cinema: Politics and Cinema of Turkey: 1990- 2010

In the last two decades in which Turkey's accession to the EU has initiated significant political changes, the Turkish film industry saw a considerable expansion. From slapstick comedies to romances, movie theaters around Turkey attract audiences with new films produced in Turkey, while art films that cannot enjoy wide distribution gain worldwide recognition in prestigious film festivals. The political atmosphere of a changing Turkey as its modern history is scrutinized, inevitably conditions both blockbusters and art films. We are looking for analyses of recent films from Turkey that situate them in the socio-political context of negotiating the history of modern Turkey, Republican reforms, military coups, as well as national and ethnic identity. Suggested films for analysis include, but are not limited to: Nefes, Uc Maymun, Iklimler, Hayat Var, Kosmos, Recep Ivedik, Babam ve Oglum, C Blok, Masumiyet, Min Dit, Bahoz, Devrim Arabalari, Mustafa, Buyuk Adam Kucuk Ask, Gunese Yolculuk.

The analyses should be about 2000-5000 words and should provide the readers with informative and evaluative insights. Please send your essays with a short bio (including birthplace, affiliation, etc.), and a list of 5 keywords to by Nov. 1st.