SAMLA Convention 2010 Special Focus: The Interplay of Text and Image November 5-7 Loews Hotel Atlanta

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South Atlantic Modern Language Association
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Literary Criticism Discussion Circle

Word, Image, and Performance

The panel engages with instances of orality as they emerge from the interplay of text and image in the realms of art and literature. While the pursuit of meaning is inevitably bound up with the visual—with the act of looking at a piece of sculpture, rock engravings, or words on a page—to interpret the aesthetic object is, at the same time, to measure its participation in an intersubjective discursive space that yields elements of embodied and performed meaning. Inspired by scholars such as Erving Goffman, Dell Hymes, and Judith Butler, the panel explores the ways in which the object's graphic, sonic, and physical appearance as well as its positionality relative to the reader/viewer extend the notion of text beyond the limits of signs and signification to include traces of an interaction among human and non human bodies. The panel welcomes contributions that emphasize the visualization of narrative voice and perspective, that bear on their dialogic and performative dimensions, and that reassess the body's central role in expressing and receiving aesthetic meaning. Topics include but are not limited to the relationship between word and performance, the integration of sound and rhythm, the intersection of orality and literacy, the continuum of oral and textual performance, and the connection between body and image in oral/textual narrative. Authors are encouraged to submit a 250-word abstract by October 1st to Mirja Lobnik,