Global Conference on Sex and Sexuality

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Reservation Deadline: September 30, 2010
Abstract Deadline: October 31, 2010
Paper Submission Deadline: December 31, 2010

Welcome to the Sex and Sexuality of ABWFA Interdisciplinary Conferences. It is within this area that discussions concerning the subject of sex and sexuality will take place. This is a large area to cover and we welcome multiple submissions from one author or a group of authors.

There are many aspects to the subjects of sex and sexuality. From procreation to sexual addiction, the vast array of discussions are opened here. There is no subject matter that is too risque or taboo. The purpose of this area of discussion is to open the dialogue, research and discovery, and presentation of facts and opinions of sex, sexuality, and the areas of concern listed below. Please feel free to choose one or more of these areas of interest or present your materials on anything related to sex and sexuality. This list is intended as a guide:

1. Determining Sex – Asexuality
2. Sex Education in School
3. Adolescents and Sexuality
4. Abstinence
5. Sexual Perversion and Deviance
6. Sexual Predators
7. Sexual Addiction
8. Rehabilitation Theories
9. Media and the Arts (Music, Film, Literature, etc)
10. Exploring New Sexual Avenues
11. Sex and the Internet
12. BDSM
13. Sex in Advertising
14. Sexual Dysfunction

These subjects are simply to be used as a guide. We encourage you to submit your abstract on any of these subjects or other subjects concerning childhood and childhood development.

Use the Book Now button on our site to book your participation in the forum. This will take you to PayPal to make your secure payment. Payments are processed through our parent company, as the PayPal page indicates. Once your payment is submitted, you will arrive at our contact page to submit the remainder of your information; name, address, email, etc. Please complete the information and submit accordingly.

Your abstract should be about 300 words in length and give the overall feel for your full-length 8-10 page paper that will be submitted; please see the abstract guidelines using the link to the .pdf file, below. Once your abstract and payment is received, your abstract will be published on this site on the corresponding session page. You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your abstract. Email is checked each hour during business hours. If it has been more than 24 hours without receipt of confirmation, assume that your abstract did not arrive and please forward it again.

Upon the deadline, all abstract posts will close for new entries and the next deadline becomes due. This is for the presentation of your 8-10 page paper based on your abstract. This is the paper that will become a part of the full-length eBook which contains all papers from all participants. The deadline to submit your 8-10 page paper is December 31, 2010. Should at least 10 delegates participate, you will be invited to participate in the hard copy version of the presented papers. An extended version of your paper will be required with a required length of 16-24 pages.