Transgressive Culture: A New International Journal

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Gylphi Limited
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The first issue will concentrate on addiction and transgression. Critical articles of 4,000-8,000 words, book reviews up to 3,000 words, creative work, photography and other visual art are sought.

Transgressive Culture (ISSN 2043-7102) - - is a new international journal to be published by Gylphi Limited in 2011. It concerns the limits – in all of their guises – and what lies beyond them. The journal aims include: (1) questioning the meaning and significance of transgressive culture; (2) understanding more deeply how this reflects on contemporary culture; and (3) offering an opportunity for transgressive culture to be more widely known through analysis of existing work and through generating new creative work. There are planned themed editions on addiction, sexual abuse, Hubert Selby Jr., Will Self, and J. G. Ballard.

The journal seeks to examine the boundaries of culture, both critically and creatively. Analysis of culture in all forms, including literature, art, film, media, and music, is welcome, with a focus primarily on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and the transnational. In terms of creative work, poetry, prose, screenwriting and writing for performance, non-fiction and, of course, work that transcends these boundaries is encouraged. Work needs to be informed by the ideas of key influential theorists of transgression, but this is not prescriptive. We encourage all writing that challenges norms and subverts expectations.

Please send a 300-word outline of your work via email to the editor, Jason Lee (

Jason Lee (University of Derby)

Editorial Board
Feona Attwood (Sheffield Hallam University)
Charlie Blake (Liverpool Hope University)
Ken Gelder (University of Melbourne)
Paul Hegarty (University College Cork)
Mark Jancovich (UEA)
James Kincaid (University of Southern California)
Xavier Mendik (Brunel University)
Balan Muthurajah
Atte Oksanen (University of Tampere)
David Punter (University of Bristol)
Johnny Strike