North and South: Constructing and/or Crossing the Cultural, Geo-Political or Metaphorical Divide

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University of Louisiana at Lafayette: Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language and Culture
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Our theme for 2011 is North and South: Constructing and/or Crossing the Cultural, Geo-Political or Metaphorical Divide. This topic can be construed broadly, and applied to literature and culture, historical and contemporary, British and American--among others. Since our conference is located in the Deep South, this would be a good location for those scholars writing about Southern lit and culture. But we also intend to foreground a recognition that simply by labeling Southern lit as such, one is setting up a binary; such literature is Southern "in opposition to" literature of the North and all that that implies. As well as the North/South divide within the US, geo-political and cultural divides would include Canada/US, North America/South America. The Civil wars in the US would obviously bring up North/South issues, and the industrial revolution in England helped to demarcate the divide in that country--Elizabeth Gaskell's 1854 novel chronicles the complex issues involved. As well, Europe and Asia certainly have their N/S issues. [See website for full cfp.] Panel proposals and creative writing proposals are welcome.

The conference will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lafayette on March 31-April 2, 2011. Our special guest for 2011 will be Sandra Cisneros, who will read from one of her newest works. Other plenary sessions will include a panel on publishing, and this year there will be several Special Panels organized by experts in their fields.

There will, of course, be plenty of Cajun food and music, and maybe even some dancing!

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