CFP: Science Fiction and Fantasy (5/15/07; SAMLA, 11/9/07-11/11/07)

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Gina Prescott
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South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) Convention
November 9-11, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Discussion Circle invites papers
addressing the role of space and place in works of science fiction or
fantasy. The intention of this panel is to explore some of the
fantastic, other-worldly, and transfigured locations of these two
genres, in particular the political and ideological implications of
creations such as Middle Earth (Tolkien), Arrakis (Dune), and New
Caprica (Battlestar Galactica). How do spaces motivate conflicts in s.f.
and fantasy? What attitudes towards the inhabitation and use of space
dominate? What do specific spaces signify metaphorically or
symbolically? How do certain settings fit or disrupt established spatial
typologies? How do fictional places participate in the construction of
identities such as race, class, and gender? What new political
possibilities or formations do speculative spaces allow?

Paper topics could address but are not limited to:
- The politics of exploration and colonization
- Spaces outside of capitalism and the nation-state
- Utopias and dystopias
- Global empires, interplanetary federations, and post-national governments
- Representations of ecological disaster and the politics of other Natures
- Visions of the city
- The home of the future, and the future of homemaking
- Conventional topoi such as the lost civilization and the
post-apocalyptic wasteland
- The political implications of technologies such as space ships and
- Virtual spaces, other-dimensional spaces

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