A ZOMBIE ATE MY WRITING ARM: A Collection of Academic Essays - Title May Change

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Valerie Robin - Independent Author - affiliated with Northern Arizona University
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A Revised Call for Papers 2010

Valerie Robin, University of Northern Arizona
A Collection of Academic Essays
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Undead Obsession: A Collection of Academic Essays on the American Zombie
is an edited book of collected essays geared toward deconstructing and contextualizing representations and manifestations of uniquely American fears, specifically in zombie form. Written for both an academically oriented audience, as well as a mainstream audience interested in a deeper look at the subject, A Zombie Ate My Writing Arm offers an array of opinions on why we are so fascinated with the zombie and the idea that a zombie apocalypse could wipe out a huge chunk of the Earth's population.
It will answer questions such as, why zombies and why now? How did this gory obsession begin and where might it be going? What kinds of fears and instincts does the zombie represent? Investigating how the zombie has mirrored American culture throughout history is more than a mere coincidence. It is a necessary discussion.

Sections may include:
I โ€“ History of the Undead

II - The American Obsession with Gore, Violence and Dismemberment

III - Zombies and Gender

IV - Zombies and Gender

Style Format โ€“ Chicago

Deadline โ€“ Halloween 2010

**Essays submitted should be original, unpublished essays focused on the American zombie
Please attach a letter with autobiographical information and intent.
Email submission should be made in word format. All electronic copies must
indicate the word-processing package used (preferably either .doc or .docx),
and must be sent as file attachments only (and not as part of the e-mail text).

Email submissions should be sent to: vr7396@gmail.com