Present Tense's Inaugural Issue Announcement

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Present Tense Journal
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Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society is proud to announce its inaugural issue at Present Tense is dedicated to exploring contemporary social, cultural, political and economic issues through a rhetorical lens. The articles presented in Volume 1, Issue 1 include a diversity of current topics, of no more than 2,000 words, ranging from disciplinarity and sovereign power, to Google bombing, to race and the new equality. We hope you find the articles engaging and we encourage you to continue the conversation by commenting on the articles online.

Volume 1, Issue 1:

Turning Composition toward Sovereignty
- John Schilb
Momma's Memories and the New Equality
- Vershawn Ashanti Young
I'll Google It!: How Collective Wisdom in Search Engines Alters the Rhetorical Canons
- Jill M. Parrott
Making Rhetoric Visible: Re-visioning a Capstone Civic Writing Seminar
- Heather Lettner-Rust
Cooking Codes: Cookbook Discourses as Women's Rhetorical Practices
- Elizabeth Fleitz

Program Review: The Land-Grant Way – Connected Knowing and the Call of Service
- James M. Dubinsky
Book Review: Scott's Dangerous Writing
- Sheri Rysdam