LITERARY DISLOCATIONS (Fourth International Congress of REELC/ENCLS), Sept. 1-3, 2011, Skopje/Ohrid, Macedonia

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LITERARY DISLOCATIONS (Fourth International Congress of THE EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR COMPARATIVE LITERARY STUDIES (REELC/ENCLS); The Institute for Macedonian Literature; The Macedonian Association for Comparative Literature
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This conference aims to examine the multiplicity of literary and cultural representations and other phenomena that implicate spatiality, movement and unstable locations which are considered as points of dynamic processes.Dislocation emerges as a notion that traverses various disciplines and different textual and artistic practices and at the same time it amplifies its relevance in the exploration of the current cultural production. The conference papers can analyze the theoretical implications of dislocation or they can focus on dislocation as referential content (the dislocation of travel, migration and
exile, urbanization, etc.).

How are dislocations represented, produced or defined in literature and other media? Are there any media or genre-specific concepts of transgressive spaces? Which are other
literary functions of the topos beside its primary function as a container for the plot? How is it possible to use the notions of space and spatial practices as analytic tools in and across disciplines? In which way is identification related
to dislocation? How can geography and history, language and cartography help us to better understand literary creations and cultural contexts?

Possible topics may include but are not limited to:

1. Spatio-temporaldislocation aesthetic strategies and expressions of dislocation poetics of exile, nomadism, travelogue,migratory identities and topographies,
articulations of not-being in place, dislocation of literary genres, imaginary landscapes, flaneurism, dislocation of the authorial voice, mobility and projected spaces (utopia, dystopia, limbo, paradise, hell), space metaphorxs and
mapping, alternative maps

2. (Dis)locations as cultural phenomena cultural geography, tourism, ecotourism, urban dislocations,diaspora cultural
dislocation,intercultural communication, changing identities, transformation of identities, (hybridization, creolization and metissage), liminality, border studies, migrations,global/local/glocal, third space, transcending the boundaries of public and private space

3. Linguistic and semiotic transfers as dislocations, translation studies, plurilinguistic phenomena, dislocation of texts, rewriting,translation as trade and exchange between cultures, displayed texts, interlinguistic quotations

Official working languages of the conference are English and French. The length of the presentations is limited to max. 15 minutes.

Venue and accommodation:
The conference will take place on Thursday-Saturday, 1-3 of September 2011. The opening ceremony will take place at the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje on 1st of September. The following working sessions will take place on 2nd and 3rd of September at the Congress Centre in Ohrid. The transportation from Skopje to Ohrid and back will be arranged by the organizers.Participants of the conference book and pay for their hotel accommodations themselves. The organizing committee will release a list with addresses and prices of available hotels by 15th of November 2011.

By 15th of October 2010 (deadline for paper proposals):

Please fill in the
registration form with your info, the title of your paper and the abstract, and send to

Contact persons:
Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser (, Vladimir
Martinovski ( and Ana Martinoska (

By 15th of November 2010:
The Organizing Committee will inform you by e-mail whether your paper has been included in the conference program.

Publication of papers:
A peer-reviewed selection of papers will be published in separate printed edition, sponsored by the Institute of Macedonian Literature, by the end of 2012.The deadline for submission of the papers (max. 30,000 characters with spaces)
is by 15th of November 2011.