Kinds and Styles of Criticism 16-18 May, 2011, University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland

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International and Interdisciplinary Conference Kinds and Styles of Criticism/ Institute of Theory of Literature, Theatre and Audiovisual Arts (University of Lodz) and the journal The Problems of Literary Genres
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The main object of reflection and discussion is criticism of the praxis and tradition,
which is inscribed in the literary genres and styles.
Many theorists of literature and culture point the critical approach of certain literary genres and styles to the tradition and status quo of social discourses. Some of them view origins of such criticism in rebellion of the author. However, since Immanuel Kant, modernity can be defined as criticism against the myths and symbols of tradition. In this context, there may appear such concepts as criticism (Michel Foucault), analyticity (Stanley Fish), rationality (Richard Rorty), secularization (Charles Taylor) and disenchantment (Weber). We are interested in criticism and skepticism, not necessarily leading to violent revolution.
Together with all the participants, we would like to consider the styles, genres and discourses, which clearly consist of criticism, doubt, and also - autoskepticism. Among them, often novel or essay are mentioned – but they are only some of the most typical examples in this un-typical issue.
We are also looking forward for suggestions discussing literary genres and styles in comparison to other cultural discourses.

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Prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Gazda,
Prof. dr hab. Jaroslaw Pluciennik,
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