*URBAN/RURAL* in non-western cinema.

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"Many Cinemas" - e-magazine
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"Many Cinemas" is a forthcoming e-magazine (1st Issue announced: Spring 2011). It will dedicate its bi-annual issues the many many cinemas of the non-western world, namely Asia, Africa, Latin America and other small cinema traditions.

"Many Cinemas" will be a magazine for film aesthetics, theory and analysis beyond the main stream film studies. Every issue will focus one specific topic, and we hope to publish different articles from each continent. The editors will select the proposals and accompany the publishing process. Afterward, "Many Cinemas" will be open peer reviewed, respectively commented. We are planning to get an ISSN-Number and to cooperate with research institutes all over the world.

First we will start with a call for papers for the first issue.


This dichotomy seems to be a classical theme for studies on Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Thus, this is the reason, why we will dedicate the first issue of "Many Cinemas" this very special topic. Tokyo, Peking, Lagos, Bombay, Rio, Mexico at the one hand and the countryside at the other. We aren't looking for articles about analyzes of any specific city or village. We are interested in articles about films, which shows the sphere in-between.

* How can we describe the tension, when a film cross the border from countryside to a city?

* Or, when we will see the village out of the eyes of a city dweller, who has stranded there?

* What is so special, so fascinating about the other side?

* Is it dangerous to be there, and what's the danger?

* Is there any social distinction written in the cinematic pictures of urban/rural?

* And how does the film lead us through all of this?

"Many Cinemas" seeks for papers which enriches the discussion on film theory and aesthetics of non-western movies. We would like to invite any researcher all over the world to participate in "Many Cinemas".

We welcome papers on the topic of urban/rural in films of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Please send us first your proposal (300 to 500 words) and a short CV until 1st of December 2010. We will answer you before Christmas.

The later articles should have a length of 3000 to 4000 words. The deadline is 31th of March 2011. We hope to publish the papers Early May 2011. For any inquiry, do not hesitate to mail us.

Proposal deadline: 01 December 2010

Article deadline: 31 March 2011

Please send your proposals to Helen Staufer and Michael Christopher (manycinemas@anpa.de).

There is still no web representation of Many Cinemas. We regret this very much. But it will come soon. You'll be informed.