CFP: Encounters with Race in the Age of Transcendentalism (due 3/1/2011; MLA Jan 5-8, 2012)

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The Thoreau Society

Encounters with Race in the Age of American Transcendentalism

In the twenty-first century, we have come to understand "race" as a culturally constructed concept that itself perpetuates racism. We invite papers that explore any aspect of how writers in and around Concord in the mid-nineteenth century were exploring the limits, challenges, and social implications of race. How did "race" function for the American Transcendentalists and their contemporaries? How were other writers of the same period exploring race in their work? How did understandings of race frame discussions of Native American cultural disruption, slavery or abolition, or immigrant minorities? We welcome abstracts pertaining to these or other relevant questions. Although this panel is sponsored by The Thoreau Society, we also welcome papers addressing his contemporaries. Please send queries or one-page abstracts (for an 18-minute presentation) by March 1, 2011, to:

Proposal for a Session Sponsored by The Thoreau Society
Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Seattle, January 5-8, 2012
Kristen Case and Rochelle Johnson, Organizers