What Were They Thinking?... Panel for ASLE Conference, Bloomington, IN, June 22-26, 2011

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Eric Russell
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What Were They Thinking?: The Vagaries of an Environmental Ethic among Naturalist Writers in North America before George Perkins Marsh

We seek proposals for papers that analyze the evidence that early naturalist writers struggled with the need for an environmental ethic in their work. That is, how did they represent their relationship to the animals they killed in the works they published? Upon what principles or literary strategies did they justify some actions and condemn others? To what extent was a biocentric vision possible for them? Naturalist writers of interest include, but are not limited to, Audubon, William Bartram, Crèvecoeur, Catlin, Godman, Holbrook, Nuttall, Townsend, Wilson.

Please send 500-word abstracts to Eric Russell at russe2em@cmich.edu no later than October 29, 2010.