ACLA 2011 - Embodying Academic Research - Deadline November 1, 2010

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Cynthia Francica and Bhavya Tiwari - The University of Texas at Austin

Despite ever-increasing inter/metadisciplinary conversations and cross-pollination, there are specific areas of knowledge that are still at the margins of those exchanges – the body and the sensory world remain outside the comparative poetics in academia. Drawing on a tradition of feminist writings on embodied knowledge, as well as on the close ties between literary texts and other arts and on the innovative methodological approaches that the field of visual anthropology has forwarded in recent years, we would like to propose a space to workshop, experience and embody our research by opening dialogues between academic texts and other media, while simultaneously conceptualizing the body, the senses and the experiential world around us.

We thus invite you to explore and play with the possibility of experiencing and conveying your academic research in embodied, sensuous ways while considering some fundamental questions. Is it viable to experience our task as researchers in terms of embodied encounters? Is it possible to convey our research in visual and/or artistic languages capable of physically engaging our (academic) audience? Might this approach lead to new understandings of the role of audiences and scholarship? These dialogues will potentially contribute to identify productive tensions between the disciplines at play, formulate new questions and provide (aesthetic) answers to our theoretical enquiries. The aim of this panel is to complicate the methodological and disciplinary boundaries of our fields while allowing for a series of much needed border crossings between academia and the affectively pregnant world of the body and the senses.