Translation, Transmission, and Transgression: Global Circulation of Performance Traditions (Submission deadline Nov 12)

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ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association)

ACLA Annual Convention. Vancouver, Canada, March 31-April 3, 2011

Translation, Transmission, and Transgression: Global Circulation of Performance Traditions

Performances travel and visual cultures circulate. In this seminar, we examine how dramatic texts, cinematic representations, visual icons, and performance traditions travel and transform in contemporary global context. We look at how established visual and performance traditions continually experience temporal, spatial, and transcultural reconfigurations. Focusing on traces of historical continuum, pictures of intermedia compositions, and processes that involve both national and transnational forces, we explore global receptions and reinventions of local visual images and performance traditions and how they metamorphose into new artistic and sociopolitical phenomena. Suggested topics may include:
Transnational remapping of performance traditions
Intercultural appropriation
Exotificaiton and eroticization
Performance arts in cultural contact zones
New spaces of performances
Relationship between temporality and spatiality in global performances
Avant-garde reinvention of traditional performance arts
Cultural tourism and performances
Receptions and practices of performance techniques in foreign cultures
Visual adaptation
Transcultural references and evocation
Global circulation of embodied practice
Textual, visual, and spectatorial reception of the Other
New forms of Orientalism
Performance and postcoloniality
Tension between cultural specificity and global receptions
Challenges facing traditional cultural transmission
Models of visual and performance circulation of and beyond notions of hybridity, interculturalism, transnationalism, and transculturation

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