Traffic in Translation: the Task of Derrida and Deleuze (ACLA, March 31-April 3, 2011)

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Yen-Chen Chuang, Tamkang University
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This seminar seeks papers focusing on the theory of translation from the perspectives of Derrida or Deleuze. Is translation an impossible task, an ethics that lends an ear to the other? Or is translation a matter of creative concepts? How do we develop the idea of (in)fidelity in terms of the strange friendship between the two philosophers? What is the relationship between linguistic signs and recognition/the unrecognizable? Possible paper topics may include but not limited to:

•politization/socialization of translation
•translation of Derrida and Deleuze in America
•deconstructing the issue of translation in literary works or films
•questions of difference in Derrida and Deleuze
•signs, mimesis, and linguistic exile
•translation and trauma

We invite you to submit a 250-word abstract through the ACLA website by November 12: