CFP: Adaptation as Process (2011 ACA/PCA Conference-San Antonio): 4/20/11-4/23/11

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Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Joint Conference
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The Adaptation Section of the 2011 National Popular Culture & American Culture Associations Conference

Wednesday, April 20, through Saturday, April 23
Marriot Rivercenter San Antonio, and Marriot-San Antonio Riverwalk

Proposal deadline—December 8th, 2010

Adaptation as Process

With recent publications like Redefining Adaptation (2010) and Beyond Adaptation (2010), adaptation is increasingly treated less as a kind of text than as a way of looking at intertextual relationships. As such, adaptation studies offers a broad set of tools for scholarly work across and between disciplines: in literary studies, highlighting relationships between form, content and meaning; in print culture, triangulating human agency in the production of physical texts; in education, demonstrating different literacies; in cultural studies, pointing to the social and political forces that unconsciously shape narrative; and so on. This panel is interested in proposals that evaluate adaptation as a methodology – a process of interpretation. What are the various ways we have talked about studying adaptation to date? What are the various ways we can study adaptation? How can we use adaptation as part of a broader toolset across disciplines?

Proposals may include:

• adaptation and reception theory
• adaptation and translation
• explicit vs. implicit adaptation
• adaptation as metaphor
• debunking the term "adaptation"
• feminism and adaptation
• the differences (if any) between adaptations, sequels, remakes and intertextuality
• queer theory and adaptation
• adaptation and surface reading vs. symptomatic reading
• adaptation and critical race studies
• what self-reflexive adaptations (like Adaptation, American Splendour, etc.) reveal about adaptation as a process of interpretation
• ways of studying adaptation from George Bluestone to now
• troubling the novel/film standard: adapting comics, games, television, toys, etc.

By its very premise, this panel welcomes proposals that challenge or transgress any assumptions I may be making with the above categories. Please send titled proposals of 200-400 words by December 8th to Nico Dicecco (