Shakespeare in Performance, May 5-6 2011 (1/31/11 deadline)

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Université du Maine, France

Shakespeare in Performance
Université du Maine, France - 5-6 May 2011
Deadline for proposals: 31 January 2011

In recent years, Shakespearean criticism has reasserted the value of the dramatic text "in its context", i.e. in its performative act whether on stage or screen. Not surprisingly, theatrical and cinematic versions have multiplied and enabled the vivid yet ephemeral experience of the stage. Such adaptations frequently engage contemporary social and political practices while creating a web of intertextuality and hybridity between themselves and their sources. Both the Renaissance text and its actualization depend upon an audience's imaginative flexibility: their willingness to hear old echoes, to conjure new visions, to hold simultaneously a multiplicity of competing interpretations.

In the spirit of this switching back and forth between times, cultures, peoples and languages, this conference on May 5 and 6, 2011, at the Université du Maine, France, is co-organized with the University of Maine at Farmington, USA.

This year we shall deal with the comedies written by Shakespeare.
Here are a few angles of approach that are expected in the papers :

(1) directing the space, the stage, the light-effects;
(2) the aesthetics of the stage and its coherence with the play-text;
(3) voice, role and their practice;
(4) spectacular effects (music; sets and props; architecture of the playhouse; rhythm and pace; the public's involvement, etc.);
(5) editing/cutting/creating special effects/dramatic partition and scenario;
(6) adaptation/actualization/historical reconstruction;
(7) rewriting/rereading (additions; cuts; collages; translations).

Every other kind of paper shall be taken into consideration. The main target remains the dramatic text as it is performed on stage or screen.

As it will be the 400th anniversary of *The Tempest*, papers focusing on that play (including Julie Taymor's film) will be welcome.

Please send your proposals before 31 January 2011 to: