In the Line-Up: Creative Writing in College Composition -- Call for Papers: Edited Collection of Critical Essays

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Stephanie Wade and Elizabeth Weaver

Call for Papers: Edited Collection of Critical Essays

We are pleased to announce an open call for submissions for an edited collection of essays.

For this collection, tentatively titled In the Line-Up: Creative Writing in College Composition, we seek essays that critically explore the places, potentials and possible limits of creative writing in college composition. We are particularly interested in how composition teachers employ creative writing in first-year composition and how this work relates to institution outcomes for first-year college writing. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

·Histories of creative writing in the college composition curriculum.

·Theories about the constitutive and instrumental functions of writing.

·Strategies for using creative writing in first-year writing classes.

·Questions about the critical and creative functions of texts.
·New media as creative writing.

·Creative writing and public discourse

·Creative writing and resistance.

·Creative writing and science.

Please submit an abstract of between 200 and 700 words, as well as a brief bio (including institutional affiliation) by January 28, 2011.

We will notify authors of their acceptance by February 15, 2011, at which time we will submit the book proposal to a publisher.

We will expect completed essays of approximately 6000 words by June 0, 2011.

Abstracts may be emailed directly to Stephanie Wade or Elizabeth Weaver, co-editors: