Science Imagined | Literature Realized: Truth and Fiction in Canada (ACCUTE Conf., Fredericton May 28-31 - deadline Nov 15/10 )

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Marc Andre Fortin / Queen's University
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From the botanical studies of Catharine Parr Trail, and the faith-related empiricism of Christophe Regnault, to the literary imaginings of evolution, meteorology, palaeontology, chemistry, and biology of contemporary writers such as Christian Bök, Nino Ricci, Rivka Galchen, Nicole Brossard, and Tim Bowling, the connections between science and fiction have become enmeshed in the literatures of Canada through the historical questioning of faith, reason, epistemology, and the subjective
experience. Moving away from the non-pragmatic "two cultures" model of disciplinary research, there has been a focused theoretical shift towards the problems of literary representations of scientific thought in international literatures. Yet scientific representation, discourse, and imaginings in Canada have been mostly taken up by historians of scientific paradigms and institutional pedagogies, and there remains
a gap in the understanding of Canadian literature as a process of inquisitive and reflective inventions about the material, natural, and metaphysical world. This panel will investigate the relations between both the historical unfolding of scientific thought, and the political, social and aesthetic aspects of scientific representation in the literatures of Canada.

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