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lambda nordica: Journal for GLBT Studies


The last two decades have seen an increasing amount of scholarship and conferences devoted to Tennessee Williams who is finally being recognised as one of the twentieth century's defining playwrights. However, a large amount of this research focuses on Williams in a U.S. context. In an effort to promote an enhanced international perspective, lambda nordica: Journal for GLBT-Studies is planning to publish a special issue on Williams in the Nordic and Baltic region in early 2012. Articles may analyse Williams' plays, short stories, novels, poems, stage productions, screen adaptations, radio or TV theatre etc. contextualised in the Nordic and/or Baltic region (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden). In order to be compatible with the journal's mandate, specific attention should be devoted to issues of sexuality and/or gender.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
- An analysis of a particular production, either historical or contemporary;
- The reception of Williams during the Cold War (the plays, individual productions, the movies…)
- The question of Williams as a representative of a "decadent", Western lifestyle;
- The relevance of Williams today as illustrated by the productions of contemporary directors;
- The possible controversies caused by Williams' daring depiction of female desire and/or male homoeroticism;
- Williams' status today in the respective countries' theatre establishment or university programmes

lambda nordica, established in 1989, is a Nordic scientific peer-reviewed journal presenting research in Humanities and Social Sciences with relation to LGBT and Queer Studies. The journal strives to support the dialogue between established and younger scholars to inspire to more LGBT research in the Nordic area and support the initiative to new research areas in the field. It also introduces and reviews international LGBT literature. lambda nordica is published four times a year.

If you are interested, please submit an abstract and a short biography to dirk.gindt@lambdanordica.se. Articles should be up to 7.000 words and can be written in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. They need to be submitted no later than 30 September 2011. For more information, please contact Dirk Gindt or visit www.lambdanordica.se.

Dirk Gindt, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate
Centre for Fashion Studies
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Editor-in-chief lambda nordica