Women's War, 1939-1945.

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Jeanne Perreault, University of Calgary; Marlene Kadar, York University

The Second World War opened channels for women in unprecedented ways: women journalists and photographers on the allied side were said to have an alibi to go everywhere and do everything. Other women found their way into less savoury work, including making propaganda for the Nazis or doing their dirty work in the camps. For an edited collection, we invite papers that discuss little examined aspects of women's work during the war. We particularly welcome considerations of life writing, documentation, or memory documents.

Our aim is to continue the project of recognizing the multiple and contradictory roles women played and the work women did. We wish to expand our understanding of the impact women had on both the reality and perception of that war. The subjects' own perspectives offer a key insight into that changing world and any materials (photographs, art) that reveal their perceptions will be welcome.

Proposals (one page maximum) should be sent to Jeanne Perreault/Marlene Kadar by June 1, 2011