Curated Panel A: Border Crossings and Territory without Boundaries: Exploring the Body as Place. May 28-31, 2011

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Canadian Association for Theatre Research/ l’Association Canadienne de la Recherche Théâtrale (CATR/ACRT)
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Curated Panel A: Border Crossings and Territory without Boundaries: Exploring the Body as Place

Canadian Association for Theatre Research (CATR) Conference, Fredericton, NB, May 28-31, 2011

Organizer: Judith Rudakoff, York University

Deadline: December 1, 2010

This panel will re-focus the theme of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, "Exploring People and Places," to "Exploring People as Places" and in so doing invite proposals for papers dealing with the human body as a site of performance, with a particular interest in work that reflects the diversity of the Canadian cultural identity. In this instance, "cultural" should be interpreted as widely as possible, bridging and expanding such boundaried territories as geographical, ethnic, political, sexual and linguistic identities.

In creating work in this mode, artists have and continue to confront notions of natural versus authentic, real versus fake, assumed versus inherent, and art versus nature in a continuum that offers scholars a wealth of material to theorize, problematize, analyze and, ultimately, canonize.

Explorations of one type might examine how the human body, in its biologically original or technically enhanced and surgically altered state, might serve as a type of terra cognita/incognita for the artist to explore. Further, explorations might engage with the distinctions, in particular with respect to the creative interpretation or re-imagination of existing form or bordered territory from a personal or an external perspective.

Topics for proposed papers might include but not be exclusive to
--performing the body,
--body as a site of conflict or conundrum and how/why that is performed,
--crossing boundaries or mapping uncharted territory as theatrical metaphors for body modification,
--the body as event.

Papers may examine one performance or the body of work of a specific artist or a series of complementary or contrasting performances. As with analysis of any site specific performance, work examined should not simply use the body as a backdrop, but rather exemplify the inextricable relationship between human form and the content, theme and artistic goal of the particular performance.

Those interested in presenting on the panel should submit a 300-word abstract. Papers, if accepted should conform to CATR guidelines for length.

Abstracts, along with a short bio, should be sent to Judith Rudakoff at on or before December 1, 2010.

Guidelines for all CATR conference participants
--Participants must be members of CATR and register for the conference.
--Participants are required to meet the requirements and deadlines of the session for which they are applying, and may be asked to withdraw if they do not do so.
--Participants are expected to attend and participate in the conference session.