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Dr. Gary L. Kieffner / Popular Culture Association

The Popular Culture Association and American Culture Associations are holding a series of panels at the next annual meeting of these groups to be held 20-23, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas at the beautiful San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter and Riverwalk Hotels.

Papers and presentations are requested on motorcycling and its impact on societies and cultures. Suggested topics include:

* Riders' narratives or descriptions of the ride
* The motorcycle as art, poetry, or agency
* Rituals, norms, customs, or influences in motorcycle culture
* The biker as subaltern or as "other"
* Movies, films, or other images of motorcyclists
* Analyses of media, consumer capitalist, corporate, or other power structures in relation to motorcycling culture or popular myth
* Biographical analyses of noteworthy motorcyclists and their influence upon myth, culture, or cultural capital
* Racial, ethnic, gendered, class, or demographic aspects of motorcycling culture
* Other literary, anthropological, geographical, historical, sociological, or psychological perspectives of motorcycling culture or myth

Please respond to the Area Co-chairs listed below with a biographical statement and an abstract of 150 words by December 1, 2010. Since responders may be assigned to presentations, completed papers should also be sent to the Co-Chairs, to be forwarded for review, not later than March 15, 2011.

Basic information about the conference can be found at

Dr. Lisa Garber

Dr. Gary L. Kieffner
Instructor / Facilitator
University of Phoenix, Santa Teresa New Mexico Campus
Tel.: 915.261.8779