New (In)Securities: Empire, Environment & Employment

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Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research

We are living in increasingly insecure times. In the face of drastic climate change,
global economic uncertainty and imperialist wars with no clear battlefield or determined
timeline, a good many social scientists have concluded that insecurity, broadly defined
and in its many forms, is the new norm. For the next issue, Alternate Routes invites
submissions on the various ways in which (in)security has manifested in the new
millennium. How has state repression been employed and under what pretexts? What
lessons may be drawn from policing dissent? How does ecological degradation threaten
our -- food, labour, biospheric, geopolitical and physical -- security? In what ways are
planetary life and the future of the earth threatened? To what extent has labour market
restructuring made work more precarious? What groups and persons are most
vulnerable to insecure forms of work and labour? How have labour unions been
impacted? How may we understand empire today? What relationships are there
between war, terror and foreign policy?
Alternate Routes is also interested in Media, Arts and Cultural contributions with
political and/or academic merits. This may include works of poetry, verse, photography,
graphic design and media analyses. We likewise welcome reviews of books, theater, art
exhibits, documentaries and cinema. Finally, Alternate Routes appreciates rejoinders
and/or reflections on previously published material. The deadline for submissions is 15
March 2011. For more information on Alternate Routes and our submission policy,
please visit All submissions should be sent directly to We look forward to your submissions!