Transnational Star Reader

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Professors Russell Meeuf and Raphael Raphael

Call for Papers:
The Transnational Star Reader

The editors of The Transnational Star Reader are seeking innovative scholarship on the phenomenon of transnational stars. The collection will include a variety of existing work by established scholars in the field as well as new scholarship from a range of perspectives. Essays should address the transnational circulation of star texts or star-centered media, the importance of transnational stardom to international media industries, or global star culture(s). Essays may be historical or contemporary, theoretical discussions or case studies, political economic analyses or cultural studies semiotics, or anything in between.

In particular, we are seeking essays that broadly address (but are not necessarily limited to) the following questions:

How and why do certain stars or celebrities translate across diverse national and/or cultural borders?

Do existing theories of stars and society adequately explain transnational celebrity?

How has star culture changed in an era of globalization?

What is the relationship between stars and the international media industry?

What are the international/transnational cultural contexts for understanding specific stars or the phenomenon of stardom?

Please submit a succinct abstract (300 word maximum) by January 31, 2011. In addition, please include a brief academic bio (maximum 50 words). Authors are asked to note the status of the project (finished project, work in progress, or proposed essay) and provide a timeline for completion, if applicable. Email submissions or queries to Russell Meeuf
(University of Idaho) or Raphael Raphael (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Please put "TSR Submission" in the subject heading of submission emails.