International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)

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Important Dates
Paper Submission: November 30, 2010
Author Notification: January 01, 2011
Issue Publication: January / February
Journal: International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)
Volume: 1 Issue: 5
ISSN: 2180-1320

About IJSE

The International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE) provides a forum for software engineering research that publish empirical results relevant to both researchers and practitioners. IJSE encourage researchers, practitioners, and developers to submit research papers reporting original research results, technology trend surveys reviewing an area of research in software engineering and knowledge engineering, survey articles surveying a broad area in software engineering and knowledge engineering, tool reviews and book reviews. The general topics covered by IJSE usually involve the study on collection and analysis of data and experience that can be used to characterize, evaluate and reveal relationships between software development deliverables, practices, and technologies. IJSE is a refereed journal that promotes the publication of industry-relevant research, to address the significant gap between research and practice.

To build its International reputation, we are disseminating the publication information through Google Books, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Open J Gate, ScientificCommons, Docstoc and many more. Our International Editors are working on establishing ISI listing and a good impact factor for IJSE.

IJSE List of Topics

The realm of International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE) extends, but not limited, to the following:

• Application of Object-Oriented Technology to Engin
• Architecting an OO System for Size Clarity Reuse E
• Composition and Extension
• Computer-Based Engineering Techniques
• Data Modeling Techniques
• History of Software Engineering
• Impact of CASE on Software Development Life Cycle
• Intellectual Property
• Iterative Model
• Knowledge Engineering Methods and Practices
• Licensing
• Modeling Languages
• Object-Oriented Systems
• Project Management
• Quality Management
• Rational Unified Processing
• Software Components
• Software Deployment
• Software Design and applications in Various Domain
• Software Engineering Demographics
• Software Engineering Economics
• Software Engineering Methods and Practices
• Software Engineering Professionalism
• Software Ergonomics
• Software Maintenance and Evaluation
• Structured Analysis
• Structuring (Large) OO Systems
• Systems Engineering
• Test Driven Development