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Matthew Lynch
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Praeger will be publishing a two-volume series entitled, Before Obama: A Reappraisal of Black Reconstruction Era Politicians. We are now looking for contributors for this two-volume set. For consideration, send a letter to the editor, Dr. Matthew Lynch, expressing interest and requesting a list of available politicians. For further consideration, applicants are be required to submit a750-word proposal by January 10th, 2011 Chapters of 6,500-7,000 words will be due by May 1st, 2011.

Black Reconstruction Era Politicians

Blanche Kelso Bruce, Richard Harvey Cain, Robert Brown Elliott, Tunis Campbell, Henry Cheatham, Robert Carlos De Large, Oscar James Dunn, Robert B. Elliott, Jeremiah Haralson, John Adams Hyman, John Mercer Langston, Jefferson Franklin Long, Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs, Mifflin Wistar Gibbs, John Roy Lynch, Samuel A. McElwee, Robert Meacham, John Willis Menard, Thomas Ezekiel Miller, George Washington Murray, Charles Edmund Nash, James Edward OHara, P.B.S. Pinchback, Joseph Hayne Rainey, Alonzo Jacob Ransier, James Thomas Rapier, Hiram Rhodes Revels, Robert Smalls, Benjamin Sterling Turner, Alexander Twilight, Josiah Thomas Walls, George Henry White

Short Description

This multi volume set examines the leadership and contributions of black politicians during the Reconstruction era. Between 1865 and 1876, about two thousand blacks held elective and appointive offices in the South but these men faced astounding odds. They were belittled as corrupt and inadequate by their white political opponents, who used legislative trickery, libel, bribery, and brutal intimidation of their constituents to rob these black lawmakers of their base of support. A few, such as the senator from Mississippi Blanche K. Bruce, are well known, but most have languished in obscurity, omitted from official state histories. In addition, when they have been profiled by modern historians they're used as scapegoats for the utter disaster that was Reconstruction. These biographical sketches profile diverse men whose Reconstruction efforts should not be overlooked.


This multivolume set will provide an intimate look at black Reconstruction era politicians, spotlighting their leadership and contributions during the Reconstruction era and illuminating how they fostered the development of a parallel civil society within black communities. In addition, it will also explain how their contributions set the stage for the Civil Rights movement and the world as we know it today. It will also explore the idea that if theses brave souls had not found the courage to stand, the election of Barack Obama would not be possible at this juncture in history.

By examining each politician on a case-by-case basis, pointing out what contributions he made, what changes he encouraged, and ways that he set the stage for the future, as well as what may have gone wrong during his term in office, why history has judged him the way it has, and what accepted but often incorrect myths that surround each politician, this book will introduce theories that will allow historians and layman alike to reappraise this era of purported "Negro Misrule." These theories will also explain why these black congressmen have languished in obscurity. Also notable is the fact that these politicians have been ignored by most of the history textbooks by the publishing industries at the behest of the curriculum of America's schools. This book will provide an avenue and framework for the introduction of these men to the nation. With the election of President Obama, America would embrace the opportunity to receive background information on the men who laid the ground work for the election of future black legislators after the Civil Rights movement and consequently President Obama.

Project Timetable
Tentative timetable for the entire project
January 10th: Deadline for submission of 750-word proposal
February 1st: Selected contributors will be informed
February 7th: Submission instructions sent to Authors
May 1st: Chapter submitted by Contributors on or before this date
May 1st: Each chapter sent to Reviewers 1 and 2
May 21st: Each chapter received back from Reviewer 1 and 2
May 25th: Authors notified of revisions (if applicable)
June 14: Revised chapters submitted by Contributors on or before this date
June 30th: Authors notified of decision and further revisions
July 10th: Final chapters received from Authors
July 30th: Final chapters edited
August 30th: Manuscript edited and delivered to publisher

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Matthew Lynch, Ed. D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Widener University
601.630.5238- cell
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