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Brian Jones
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The EEAL (forthcoming from McFarland Press, 2011) aims to provide the first ever sketch of a composite, diachronic and synoptic topography of the American environmental imagination, beginning with the first visitors to the 'New World', and ending with major contemporary authors.

The EEAL is seeking contributors for remaining entries, either on overtly 'environmental' works or on major American authors, in poetry, fiction and literary non-fiction, whose work continues to exert a profound influence on America's sense of, and attitude toward, the environment.

Details, including headword list and available entries, as well as guidelines and samples, can be found at http://enviroencyclopedia.blogspot.com/

Contributors to the encyclopedia will receive a byline in the finished book, identifying them as the author of their entry; and in certain cases, authors contributing multiple entries will receive a complimentary copy of the encyclopedia upon its publication.

Contributors will also enjoy the distinction of (a) providing critical pieces in the synoptic topography described above, and (b) offering many students and generalist readers their first introduction to the environmental dimension in a given work or author.

Given the encyclopedia's target audience and introductory character, specialist knowledge is not required, just a firm grasp of the issues involved in a respective entry, and the ability (and will) to write lucid prose.

The next deadline for submissions is February 1, 2011, and last, in early summer, 2011.

If you would like to contribute to the encyclopedia, please reply to envirolit@gmail.com, indicating the specific entry or entries you are interested in (you are encouraged but by no means obliged to take on pairs of author/text entries), as well as where you are teaching/studying; and if a student, what and at what level you are studying.

Please also include a CV highlighting any writing experience, and at least one writing sample (preferably of a similar nature).

Brian Jones