"DVD Translations and Transmissions" -- ACLA 2011 (3/31/11-4/3/11: Vancouver)

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ACLA 2011 conference

This seminar will investigate the material and textual geographies of DVDs. In order to explore the industrial and cultural circulation of DVDs, we invite proposals that consider but are not limited to the following questions: What forms of translation do DVDs enable, hinder, or prohibit? How do bonus features and other DVD paratexts engage different regional, national, and transnational audiences? How have new piracy strategies negotiated the tensions between "global cinema" and regional zones of DVD production and distribution? What local and global geographies of distribution (both legal and illegal) has the DVD mapped?
What is the relevance of the DVD within the transmedia landscape?
How might an analysis of the history of the DVD shape our understanding of the histories and futures of the VHS, VCD, and Blu-ray? What is the relevance of the DVD in cultural contexts where the VCD still retains primacy? How has the DVD transformed archival practices? How might class and taste either enable or inhibit the reception of DVDs? How do various forms of regulation (state censorship, ratings, distribution regions, anti-piracy codes, etc.) shape the textual, economic, and social itineraries of DVDs?
What forms of cinephilia does the DVD produce? How has the DVD encouraged or undermined auteurist trends in popular and academic criticism? How has the near extinction of the video store positioned the DVD with respect to emerging forms of individual and collective spectatorship? What forms of pedagogical and scholarly engagement does the DVD promote and prohibit?

Please submit abstracts directly to ACLA at www.acla.org/acla2011