Global English: A special issue (deadline 9/1/2011)

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the minnesota review

the minnesota review, a journal of literature and cultural politics, invites submissions for a "Global English" special focus section in an upcoming issue. The aim is to track the emergence of Global English as a new field within academic literary and cultural studies. Contributors might consider the place of world literature in North American English departments, or the study of English-language literature and culture at universities based in non-Anglophone countries around the world. Have the critical methodologies developed in Anglophone literary and cultural criticism traveled along with their objects of study? How has the inclusion of world literature in North American English departments impacted the discipline? What does a global English department look like? What is the relationship between the dominance of English as a global business language and its place in the university curriculum?

Submissions should engage with current scholarship but target a general academic reader. Discussions of larger trends and theoretical frameworks are preferable to specialized micro-analysis. Contributions may take various forms, including critical commentary which asks readers to revaluate a person, movement or text, or which challenges received opinion; review essays covering multiple works (not limited to books) or which situate one work in a broader context; or interviews with key scholars or figures in the field. Potential contributors are invited to visit to get a sense of our preferred style of writing.

Email with questions, queries, proposals, and submissions. Potential contributors are encouraged to contact us as early as possible. Final deadline for formal proposals: September 1, 2011. Deadline for final manuscripts: October 15, 2011. Optimal length: 3,000-5,000 words.