CFP: Australian Made: A Multicultural Reader (7/15/07; collection)

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Amit Sarwal

CFP: Australian Made – A Multicultural Reader(15/07/2007, Anthology)
Editors: Sonia Mycak and Amit Sarwal

The wide spectrum of writings that we see in Australian Literature today shows that it has come a long way from the days of Anglo-Celtic dominance to an era of a literary culture that is much more representative of Australia's multicultural past and present. This has been made possible by multicultural writers asserting their own literary and cultural traditions in their work. These narratives/texts produced by authors belonging to diverse – both culturally and linguistically – ethnic backgrounds/communities have stimulated not only fascinating cultural dialogues but also a whole new area of critical perspective in Diaspora and Multicultural Studies. In a certain special way these writers and their writings have raised questions of re-defining and re-viewing the national canon. They have also tried to abolish categorisations and compartments of majority and minority literatures by making the mainstream accept their work as part and parcel of the truly "Australian Made" exper!
 ience. The notion of an Australian Identity has changed – of what it means to be Australian and Australian made. Multicultural writers and texts have not only added a perspective of the other world(s) from which they have come but have shown a unique selective adoption of two cultures.

Through Australian Made – A Multicultural Reader we will try to reach out to scholars with updated information and current debates on writers as representatives of their particular communities, and fresh critical perspectives on the writers belonging to various hyphenated identities in Australia and their multicultural texts.

Contributions are invited on Multicultural (Australian) authors. The articles (3500-5000 words) can deal with a particular text or texts of an author, theme or any aspect that reflects the theme "Australian Made." The articles can be interdisciplinary in nature addressing these themes but keeping in mind that it is a literary anthology. Some key questions that we are looking to address through this Reader are: how to read Multicultural Australian Literature within/outside the framework of Australian Literature, from which position are we reading and writing on it, what are the implications of such a reading, what are the major critical and cultural aspects or perspectives of these readings/writings, where do we put these writers in a globalised world, what are the current debates in this field and what are the new directions that these writings promise as part of Australian Literature?

Articles published recently in refereed journals dealing with the above issues are also welcome.

Please attach a 100 word biographical note mentioning your designation, university/institute, area of study, academic interests and relevant publications. Include contact information (your postal and preferred email address, phone and fax numbers).

Since this is a non-grant/sponsored publication we are not going to remunerate the contributors for their articles. The editors will provide each contributor with a complimentary contributor's copy of the Reader only.

Important Points:
Deadline: 15th July 2007.
Word Limit: 3500 to 5000 words (MS Word).
Style: MLA (using Endnotes and Works Cited).

Please feel free to send your queries and articles (MS Word File) through email to:
Sonia Mycak, Honorary Associate, University of Sydney or
Amit Sarwal, Honorary Visiting Academic, Monash University

About the Editors
Sonia Mycak is presently an Honorary Associate in the School of Letters, Art and Media at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her research interests include History of the book, Multicultural literary production in Australia, Culturally and linguistically diverse writing communities, Canadian multicultural literature, and the construction of national and cultural identities in multicultural societies. She is also the Editor of Australasian Canadian Studies, refereed journal of the Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand (ACSANZ).

Amit Sarwal is currently an Honorary Visiting Academic at the School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University, Australia as an Endeavour Asia Award winner (2006). He has an M.Phil. from Centre for English Studies, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. His current area of study is South Asian Diaspora in Australia. His areas of interest include Contemporary Australian Literature, Translation Studies and Indian Cinema on which he has published. He has co-edited English Studies, Indian Perspectives (2006) and Australian Studies Now (2007).

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