Documentary as body genre

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Visible Evidence 18, August 11-14, 2011, NYU
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Documentary as body genre

How can documentary be approached as a 'body genre'? How are elements of more conventional body genres (melodrama, porn, horror, comedy, performance art) integrated and employed in documentary works; and/or how do the latter invent and allow for alternative forms of addressing embodiment?
With a special interest in socially and academically marginalized bodies, this panel seeks to discuss various forms of embodiment on and off screen – as representation, event and/or address. Embodiment is here primarily though not exclusively viewed as a negotiation of a self. Possible topics may include but are not restricted to:

- Autobiography/autobiographical performances
- The in/visibility of particular bodies
- Phenomenology
- Political Mimesis
- Laboring bodies
- Sexuality
- Pathology and death

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Feng-Mei Heberer
PhD candidate, Critical Studies, University of Southern California.