CFP - ReOrienting the World: Decolonial Horizons, Adelaide, 22-23 March 2011

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International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding

Call for Papers

University of South Australia, Adelaide, 22 – 23 March, 2011.

MnM, as part of its commitment to improving understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim communities and the elaboration of critical Muslim Studies, is launching a major research programme: ReOrienting the World, which will animate the various research activities of the Centre. Key to this programme is the development of a symposium series dedicated to addressing the specific questions arising from the ways in which the world that we live in continues to be haunted by the histories, economies and cultures inaugurated by Europe's framing of the globe. For almost half a millennium the non-West was impossible to name except as a lack. It was a residual category, reflecting its subaltern position in the world order. Giving the non-West a name opens up a decolonizing horizon and is a way of re-orienting the world. This re-orientation is a way of framing the erosion of Western hegemony. It points to the possibility of imagining a different configuration of the planet.

Decolonial horizons will be the first symposium in the series and will primarily focus on the epistemological and methodological implications of the de-centring of the West. The symposium is open to decolonial interventions in various fields of scholarship including but not limited to world history, postcolonial studies, political-economy, cultural studies, philosophy and international relations. What kind of conceptual tools are adequate to a world in which the centrality of Western enterprise cannot be uncritically assured? Given the extent to which intellectual disciplines emerge in the context of Western centrality, what does the de-centering of the West mean for analytical tools forged in the smithy of European global domination? Can such tools adequately capture a post-Western world? This symposium invites submissions to address the epistemological and methodological implications of the post-colonial condition in the broadest sense.

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