South Central Modern Language Association's 68th Annual Conference Hot Springs, Arkansas- October 27-29, 2011

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South Central College English Association- submission deadline: March 20, 2011
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Call for Papers

South Central College English Association is accepting 500 word abstract/proposals by March 20, 2011.

South Central Modern Language Association's 68th Annual Conference

Hot Springs, Arkansas

October 27-29, 2011

Conference theme: "Sources of Inspiration"
South Central College English Association's topic: "O for a Muse of fire:" Teaching to Inspire (Henry V: 1.i.1)

This session seeks papers which will engage in the following: explore moments of teaching which breathe life into the creativity of students and spark the innovation of new courses and/or methods in the classroom; express which texts or teaching methods move students to action and maintain continuous engagement.

Conference thematic description from website:

Water, as we scholars know, is the source of all life and frequently its destruction, the mythic, symbolic repository of all generative activity and its erasure. Hot Springs, Arkansas, flows with water, the world famous natural hot water springs for which it is named, as well as some 300 miles of shoreline around the city via Lakes Catherine and Hamilton. Nearby are 700 miles of unspoiled shoreline on Lake Ouachita. It is fitting, then, for scholars to come to Hot Springs, designated "City of the Arts," to consider the nature of inspiration and creation at a true wellspring. Creativity comes from the undoing of what is and the doing of what has not been done before. It washes away what is known and replaces it with what may only have been imagined. Just so in literary and language studies, we erase, undo, remake, re-imagine. In a time when our departments in institutions of higher learning are challenged to respond to enormous social and technological change, to re-configure ourselves to deal with distance learning and the delivery of online education, to deal with shifting canons, to establish consortiums for best use of resources, to demonstrate accountability and respect for civility, how do those of us who are the ultimate creative communicators respond? What inspirations have come to us?

Please E-mail abstracts/proposals to Jessica Jones, Session Chair (University of LA-Lafayette) at or by March 20, 2011

SCCEA Session Secretary: Dr. Lisa Kroger, East Mississippi Community College-