[UPDATE] "Print Modernities" graduate conference deadline for proposals, 30 January 2011

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Print Modernities Graduate Conference

Print Modernities, 1845 - 1945
A Graduate Conference at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
2-3 May 2011.

***KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor Mark Morrisson, Pennsylvania State University; author of Modern Alchemy: Occultism and the Emergence of Atomic Theory (2007) and The Public Face of Modernism: Little Magazines, Audiences, and Reception 1905-1920 (2001)***

This graduate conference will be concerned with the relationships between modernity and print production. Modernity and print should be understood in the broadest sense, and interdisciplinary papers are especially encouraged. We are interested in the commercialization of literary modernism, in the visual representations of modernity, and in the social impact of technical innovations in the printing industry from 1845 to 1945.

Possible considerations are:
_Little magazines and the publication of modern literature
_Periodicals and international networks of modernism
_Modern writings in mass-market magazines
_Commercial publishers and the mainstreaming of modernism
_Modernist women writers and publishing
_Posters, advertisements and the visual culture of modernity
_Walter Benjamin and the mechanized reproduction of modern art
_Technical innovations and modern typography
_Illustrations and representations of the natural world in scholarly journals
_Scientific communication in manuscript and printed forms
_Non-Western print and digital revolutions in Asia, the Middle East, and beyond
_The complex relationships between printed text and printed image in modern media
_The proliferation of artists biographies, changing the relationship between artists and their audiences

The committee also welcomes proposals on any aspect of Victorian and early twentieth-century print culture.
The conference will be held at University of British Columbia on May 2-3, 2011.

If you are interested in giving a paper, send a proposal (250 words) and a short biography to printmodernities2011@gmail.com. Presentations should be limited to 20 minutes delivery time.