UPDATE: University of Washington French Graduate Student Conference - Aesthetics & (Self) Deception (5/18/07; 10/12/07-10/12

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Please note our new conference website: http://students.washington.edu/frengrad/conference.html

"Aesthetics & (Self) Deception"

French Graduate Student Association Grad Conference

University of Washington, Seattle

12-13 October, 2007

Keynote Speaker: Matei Calinescu, Indiana University

Drawing on the rich potential of “aesthetics” and “deception,” this
graduate student colloquium seeks to investigate the nature and the politics of
any act of creation as it relates to the tension between identity and
representation, the individual and its social image, the original and the copy,
and reality and its simulacrum, within a variety of fields such as art,
literature, literary theory, history, the history of ideas, religion, cultural
studies, film and theater. We welcome 20-minute papers in English or French (12
pages MLA) pertaining, though not limited, to the following themes and topics:

- Aesthetics, Ethics and Deception
- Aesthetics and Ideology
- Nature vs. Art and Representation
- Imperial, Colonial and (Post)Colonial Rhetoric and Aesthetics
- Images of the Self and Cultural/National Stereotypes
- The Philosophy of Kitsch and Mass Produced Culture
- Trendiness in Literary and Critical Approaches
- Narrative Strategies, Translation and Unreliability
- Imitation, Parody, Irony and Various Masks
- Camouflaged Influences and Intertextuality

Please submit abstracts of 250 words, including your name, university
affiliation, and paper title by May 18th to frengrad@u.washington.edu. Feel free to consult the conference website (http://students.washington.edu/frengrad/conference.html) for more information.

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