32nd Annual Conference, Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies, University of Glasgow, 1 - 3 September 2011

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Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies

1 – 3 SEPTEMBER 2011

The Association will hold its 32nd Conference organised jointly by the University of the West of Scotland and the University of Glasgow, for 1 - 3 September 2011. The conference will take place at Wolfson Hall, University of Glasgow. You are cordially invited to offer a paper, panel, or workshop presentation. Panels of four papers maximum are also sought on specific themes in addition to individual presentations. The panel should be organised by one convenor who will be responsible for inviting the speakers and chairing the session. You are also invited to suggest any speakers who you think would be willing to offer a paper, bearing in mind, however, that ACIS does not normally offer a fee or expenses for speakers. The choice of all panels and papers will be made by the Conference programme organiser in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Below are the suggested thematic areas for papers and panels, which must relate primarily to Spain and Portugal. The themes are not exclusive and may be interdisciplinary in nature.

Politics, Government, International Relations, the EU, Nationalism, Regionalisms
Economics, Business, Labour, Social and Welfare issues, Education
Film, Television, Journalism, Media, Advertising, Leisure, Tourism, Sport
Twentieth-Century History
Cultural Studies, Identities, Gender
Language, Linguistics, Language Policy and Pedagogy

Other suggestions are welcome, and Panels can be more specific within these broad areas. Papers will be allocated a maximum of 30 minutes on the programme, in order to leave time for discussion and debate. For papers, please send, preferably by e-mail, a title and abstract (approx. 150 words) by 14 April 2011 and for Panels by 21 April 2011 to:

Dr Margaret Anne Clarke
School of Languages and Area Studies
Park Building
King Henry I Street
Tel. +44 (0)23 92846156
E-mail: acis2011[at]iberianstudies.net

Informal enquiries concerning papers and topics are welcome before the deadlines. Registration Details concerning conference registration will be made available in due course on the ACIS website www.iberianstudies.net. Please visit this site for further information about the Association.

The Constitution briefly describes the general aims of the Association as the promotion of "the study of the social, economic and political affairs of the Iberian area together with its languages". Following on from this broad description we could further define our areas of activity in terms of geographical limits and historical period:

1. Geographical limits: Spain and Portugal and their dependent territories. International relations involving either country are included.

2. Historical period: approximately the past 100 years, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. This is not meant to exclude references to an earlier period, where appropriate.

3. Language: the Spanish and Portuguese languages, especially contemporary usage; the minority languages of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in their social and political context.

If you have published a book on a subject of potential interest to ACIS members in the course of the past year, we invite you to take the opportunity to use our web pages to publicise it. Please send details to ACIS[at]iberianstudies.net