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Paulo Coutinho / Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau SAR
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For the past 20 years, Review of Culture (RC) has served the needs of Chinese, Portuguese and English readers by issuing both Chinese and International (Portuguese and English) editions. A major academic quarterly dealing with Macao history and culture, RC aims to foster the exchange of ideas relating to Chinese and Western cultures, to reflect the unique identity of Macao and to stimulate ideas and discussions of topics related to Macao culture and history, establishing an intellectual forum for "Macao Studies".

RC - International edition is putting out this call for articles.

Please contact us with projects and articles that fall within our editorial guidelines. In a nutshell: Macao Studies, (Related) Sinology, Asia/China-Europe/West Encounter in the field of Humanities. More on the RC editorial guidelines in our on-line edition (see link below).

Projects under development:
- 100 years of Portuguese and Chinese republics (1910/1911)
- 500 years of Portugal-Siam relations and the role of Macao (RC is associated with the official commemorations that are taking place in Lisbon and Bangkok)
- Malacca 500 years (1511-2011)
- Western coats of arms in Chinese porcelains and pottery
- Anglo-American presence in Macao and the South China Seas and Sino-American historic relations
- Macao in the origins of the Chinese migration to (Portuguese) Africa
- Macanese diaspora(s)
- Macao in contemporary fiction
- The life & works of late Macanese novelist Henrique de Senna Fernandes

We accept (preferably) original articles but we also consider papers that were only presented in public lectures/conferences and not yet published.

Royalties vary between 500 and 1,000 American dollars, depending on (1) originality and length. Academic papers will have usually 7,000-10,000 words. Short essays and book reviews are also welcome.

After approval of a paper we usually ask for a set of materials, as follows:

- Digital article with automatic footnotes
- Bibliography (References)
- Abstract (150-250 words)
- Keywords
- Bionote of the Author (up to 80 words)
- Illustrations or suggestions of illustrations with a clear indication of the source.

Since it was founded, in 1987, hundreds of researchers worldwide had contributed to RC. I sincerely hope you or a fellow researcher of your group of contacts can become another valuable contributor.

Kind regards,
Paulo Coutinho

Executive editor
Revista de Cultura / Review of Culture
International edition
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