John Oldham (1653-1683): The Remains. Oxford University, 16th September 2011.

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St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford

"Dryden thought of him as the great classical poet whom England never had—the heir who died before his time, the lost hero of Augustan England." (Paul Hammond)

The Restoration poet John Oldham has yet to receive the critical attention his work merits. Oldham worked with a range of verse forms, writing political and invective satires, classical translations, and Pindaric odes. His work engaged with contemporaries and predecessors as diverse as Boileau, Cowley, Dryden, Horace, Rochester and Spenser. Oldham is best known for his Satyrs Upon the Jesuits (1679), written in response to the Popish Plot, and the verse collected in the posthumously printed Remains (1684).

This one-day conference, held at Oldham's alma mater, will offer new perspectives on this much-neglected Restoration writer and provide an exhibition of his works in the college's Old Library.

Papers are invited on any aspect of Oldham's life and work, including his relationship to earlier and later poets, the literary afterlife of his work, his influence on Augustan writers including Pope, and extant print and manuscript sources.

Please send a 250-300 word abstract of your paper to by Monday 7th March 2011.