Literatures of Modernity Symposium 2011

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Second Annual Literatures of Modernity Symposium, Ryerson University

"It is in its transitoriness that modernity shows itself to be ultimately and most intimately akin to antiquity," Walter Benjamin writes in _The Arcades Project_. For Adorno, modernity was a quality and not a chronology. How is modernity related to temporality? How is modernity related to technology, identity, the city? What are some of the popular icons of modernity? This symposium invites proposals on any aspect of modernity as expressed in literature or culture. In addition to academic proposals, the committee welcomes proposals for creative projects including photography, painting, video, film, or performance.

Submission Guidelines: Submit an abstract of 500 words plus works cited, along with a short biographical sketch in Word or as an RTF. For creative submissions, include low-resolution scans or send us links. Early submissions are encouraged.

For queries and submissions:

Deadline for submissions: February 5, 2011

Date of symposium: March 28th, 2011