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Special Issue – Call for Papers

A Special Issue of South Asian Popular Culture will be published in July 2013 on:

Terror and Media

Guest Editors: Ritu G. Khanduri and Ronie Parciack

The spectacular 26/11/2008 attacks on Mumbai brought South Asia to the forefront of (western) discourse on terrorism. International and internal media coverage consociated the Mumbai calamity with the spectacular 9/11 attacks by terming the Mumbai tragedy "India's 9/11." Several assessments denied The South-Asian context and subordinated it to Western history and conceptualizations. Public resentment of such analysis was articulated by Amitav Ghosh and Arundhati Roy among others, who called for decolonizing the media coverage, in other words to contextualizing the issue of terrorism within specific South Asian frameworks.

This special issue aims at exploring pivotal theoretical and socio-political concepts related to representations of terror in contemporary South Asian visual cultures. Our aim is to lay the groundwork for a critical reexamination of terror and media in the South Asian context, and contribute to three interconnected areas of analytical import: 1. the theoretical debate on terrorism within South Asian conceptualizations and contexts; 2. a reconsideration of identity formations, cultural constructs and nationalism; and 3. the mass mediation of terror.

South Asian Popular Culture invites paper proposals critically converging around terror and media across South Asia. Though not limited to these questions, we anticipate paper proposals to address:

• What is Terror in the South-Asian context? Does the South Asian media provide a background for alternative definitions - or theorization - of terror?
• How does the South Asian context challenge or negotiate the dominant readings of terror offered by Western theorists such as Slavoj Žižek, Alain Badiou and Jean Baudrillard? Can the South-Asian context provide us with a different orientation than the dominant psychoanalytical prism of Western cultural studies?
• How is terror represented in South Asian contexts, and how do South Asian societies visually redefine themselves in the era of terror?
• How does the era of terror challenge or recontextualize identity formations across South Asia?
• How does the era of terror recontextualize concepts such as nationalism, sovereignty, nonviolence, youth, gender, body, order/disorder, the dynamics of East/West, local/global and notions of exchange?
• Historically, does the South Asian mass media provide a framework for conceptualizing the sensations and spectacles associated with terror?

We are looking for critical essays, which should be 5,000-6,000 words, and pieces for the "Working Notes," which could be interviews with artists, reviews of works and photo essays, ranging from 1,000 - 3,000 words each.

Please email a 300 word proposal and a 150 word bio in a MS word attachment to journalsapc@gmail.com by 30 April, 2011.

Initial review decision will be notified by 15 August, 2011.

Selected proposals should be submitted as complete Manuscripts no later than 15 January, 2012.

All manuscripts will undergo peer review, based on initial editor screening.

Manuscripts should not be under consideration by another publication at the time of submission.

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