UPDATE: [Cultural-Historical] Justice and the Big Bad Man: Perspectives on Individual Responsibility(9/15/07, NEMLA 4/10/-4/13/0

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Chad B. Cripe
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[The deadline for abstracts has been extended to 9.15.07)

Justice and the Big Bad Man: Perspectives on Individual Responsibility

“We the People” take for granted the role of the government to provide
certain servicesâ€"administration, protection, securityâ€"in a fair and
impartial manner. Yet the impartiality of any given system of government
is often compromised. Oppression can be passive, due to red tape and
forms in triplicate that delay or deny justice, or aggressive, when
individuals within the system seek selfish rather than communal benefits.
When the system fails, what responsibilities can, should, and/or must the
individual assume?

This panel is seeking 250-500 word proposals on any literary perspective
on individual responsibility in the face of a passively or aggressively
oppressive government, from any genre and period. Fictional
representations in television, film, and graphic novels, as well as non-
fiction (i.e. documentary) representations are particularly welcome. Send
abstracts to cripeccbc_at_sbcglobal.net.

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