Call for articles: Cultures in/of Transition (University of Bucharest Review) 10 April 2011

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University of Bucharest Review

Call for Articles – University of Bucharest Review

Topic for #1/2011: Cultures in/of Transition

Some critics think there are essential or generic traits to any culture, others think cultures are the result of metamorphoses, traces of a constant process of change. It is but one of many controversies and complications triggered by the concept of transition.
Are transitions brief intervals between full-blown stages or are they the only thing we will ever know, since every moment or place may be no more than a step towards something else?
Are transitions a genuine indication of evolution and historical progress, or are they retrospective/prospective fictions, anachronistic tales to justify the present?
Is culture a celebration of being there or the testimony of being on the move?
Slow or sudden, geographical or historical, in manner or in kind, real or imaginary, transitions help humans navigate through life. This issue of UBR, itself in a transitional stage, aims to investigate cultural transitions. We encourage articles on such topics as:
 Historical transitions, pre- and post- ages, teleologies and other historical scenarios
 Changing places, journeys and translocations, exiles and migrations
 Transitional language and discourse
 Textual mutations and buffers, transitions from fact into fiction and back
 Changes in life/art style, modularity, genre and gender transitioning, social dynamics
 From self to other, becoming and rites of passage
 Transitional economies and governments, outsourcing, (tele)commuting
 Transient values, the importance of perishables and consumables
 Art/thought as process or product
 Translations and cultural go-betweens
We welcome interdisciplinary approaches, which explore all possible intersections of literary and cultural studies with the other disciplines in (and even beyond) the humanities.
Each of our issues publishes a collection of articles on a suggested topic together with a limited number of miscellaneous articles and reviews. Though we do not wish to exact size limits, we suggest a range of 3500-12,000 words for the articles and 900-1500 words for reviews. All articles must be written in MLA Style English. Please consult our two relevant sections Guidelines for Contributors and Our Peer-Reviewing Policy before submitting your material. (
The deadline for MS submissions is 10 April 2011. Accepted articles will be returned for post-review revisions by 1 May and are expected back in their final version by 15 May.
UBR has been acknowledged as a top academic journal by Romania's National Council for Higher Education Research (CNCSIS). A recipient of the B+ academic ranking , our journal makes it possible for all its hosted articles to receive full academic recognition in the Romanian evaluation system and be included in such international databases as Ulrichsweb, C.E.E.O.L., and EBSCO (the site is currently under construction). We are open to all research authors, whether established or junior (including Ph.D. candidates), affiliated or independent, domestic or international.