Transnational Realisms and Post-Realisms in South Asian Literature and Culture, April 30, 2011

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South Asian Review

The 2011 Special Topic Issue of
The South Asian Review, Volume 32, Number 1

South Asian Review, the refereed journal of the South Asian Literary Association, invites submissions for the 2011 Special Topic issue, Volume 32, Number 1, devoted to South Asian Realisms and Post-realisms that examines the ways in which South Asian realist writers unsettle and rework realist codes. How might we account for the ways in which colonial and post-colonial South Asian writers dismantle the opposition between realism and modernism? Transnational or planetary realisms provide us new paradigms. In the frame of planetary realisms, realism is not cathected to nationalist narratives; the realist writer need not be an apologist for the nation state and is not tied down to strictly mimetic conventions of representation. South Asian Review invites papers on literature, criticism, film, cultural, and social activism that explore any aspect of South Asian realisms within national, vernacular, and diasporic contexts. Papers may explore, but are not restricted to, the following themes: realism's narrative forms and migratory routes; emergence of realism as a theme in modern South Asian literatures; the progressive realist literary movement; interrogating the nature and contents of reality (whose reality does realism narrate?); queer, gay, lesbian and transsexual debates about pushing the envelope with regard to representational conventions of realist texts; neo-realist film; affect and the realist genre; realism as language-neutral versus realisms specific to vernaculars; ways in which Dalit literature, women's writing, and queer cultural texts rework the historical significance of realism.

Critical articles of 15-25 pages, prepared in accordance with the MLA style and accompanied by an abstract of 8-10 lines and a biographical note of 50 words, should be sent by April 30, 2011 to:

Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh, and

Rajender Kaur, Department of English, William Paterson University,

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"SAR 2011 Special Issue"

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